First Serve - the Software for Tennis Umpire
H o m e

FirstServe 's aim
is to support tennis umpire's judges by drawing their complete attention to the game. It is ideal for those umpires who are tired of using scorecards and for those who want to spend more time looking at the player.

Soon there will be versions available for common Handhelds and Smartphones!

Tell us on which model you would like to run first serve?

Handheld request
Smartphone request

currently available for HP 200 LX
HP 200 LX

and under emulation for PSION 5
Psion 5

Important Features
  • n-Step Default and 3-Step Default.
  • Setbreaks for most professional events.
  • No Ad-Scoring.
  • Pro Set, Advantage Set, Short Sets.
  • Covers ITF, ATP and WTA regulations and procedures.
  • Undo from the last to the first point of the match.
  • Matchstatistics.
  • Save and load matches.
  • Scorecard printing.
  • html export. Logo